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Iron-cored Choke connected in series with the DC lines before the filter capacitor, being placed between the input rectifier and the output inverter sections. The inductor, in conjunction with the capacitor, creates a low-pass L-C filter, that shuns ripple current (appearing both from the input rectifier as well as from the inverter) at the output through the capacitor and blocks the ripple voltage (appearing from the input) across the inductor. The presence of the inductor improves input power factor of the drive by controlling the range over which the input diodes conduct. The Choke also serve to limit the inrush current drawn by the DC bus capacitor, both during initial energizing as well as during line transients due to external reasons. Limiting the inrush current protects the rectifier diodes from unexpected failures.

DC-Link Choke for 230V 3 phase Drive (TDLC-23xxx)
DC-Link Choke for 460V 3 phase Drive (TDLC-43xxx)
DC-Link Choke for 575V 3 phase Drive (TDLC-63xxx)


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