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In very long motor lead (over 250 meter) applications use sine wave filter between the inverter and motor to eliminate dv/dt and motor terminal peak voltage as well as the harmonic i nterference .
The filter improve the waveform integrity to almost pure sine wave, thus enhancing motor performance and system efficiency strongly.

The filter model selection is based on the HP and Full Load Amp ratingfrom the motor's nameplate. The sine wave filter 's fundamental current rating must be as close as possible to the motor FLA.
Care should be taken in selection, as significant oversizing or undersizing of the filter may cause damage to the filter components.
The sine wave filter design requires that the impedance of the motor load be within a certain value relative to the current rating of the filter. Thefilter must be selected to match the motor. If the filter is much larger than necessary, it will not be matched to the motor, and is misapplied.

Consider that the output filter is a heat source, and should be installed a suitable distance from combustible surfaces.
In some applications, the filter can produce high-frequency audible noise, so installation near workstations, living areas, or on ductwork should be avoided.
Installation of the sine wave filter is typically near the drive, but may be at the motor or anywhere on the output circuit. Locating the filter at the drive is
usually most convenient, and is the best location for protecting output circuit wiring and drive output semiconductors.

Output Sine wave filter for 230V 3 phase Drive (TOSF-23xxx)
Output Sine wave filter for 460V 3 phase Drive (TOSF-43xxx)


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